Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uvora 2010 - 2011

It's official. Uvora was always a failure, but now it has been confirmed by Oatman himself.

As Dream Slayer put it, Uvora was only Oatman's "school project" and he has moved on. Yet, that doesn't stop Oatman from placing the blame on Etta.. Blaming Etta for breaking up with him and taking away his only resources.. Seems like a well thought out plan.. Wait a minute, a well thought out plan? That doesn't sound like Oatman at all..! On the other hand, this is good news for Etta. She can finally move on to someone who wont just use her for her VMK editing skills. Apparently Etta has moved on to Battery, the former Uvora Forums staff.. Who knew that Battery was the rebound guy?

Good riddance Uvora.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The future of Uvora

With February rapidly approaching, another month will pass without a word of Uvora's Alpha. In the past few days, little has happened with regard to Uvora, yet the community has become more active thanks in part to the rise of the forthcoming "MyVirtualKingdom," another knock off of the game which we've all forgot..

In short, "MyVirtualKingdom" is another Virtual Family Kingdom. It has all the clichés of Virtual Family Kingdom with slight "improvements" to the interface.. By improvements, I mean more "inspiration" from.. what's that game called again? The point being, MyVirtualKingdom is not threat to Uvora, but rather competition for Virtual Family Kingdom. I doubt that MVK will be able to successfully dent the popularity of VFK once the game is out of beta.. Their game will be pay to play with a free membership option which is far more limiting than VFK's plans. You can't even freaking trade in the game without paying them four dollars a month! But like Uvora, MVK "borrowed" some artwork for a certain fireplace from their friends over at VFK.

Is it just a coincidence? ..Did they both steal it from the same source?

Yet, Oatman is getting upset over at Uvora Forums because the community is turning their attention towards the new game.. And we all know how much Oatman hates to lose the limelight. Now would probably be the time to highlight Oatman's hypocrisy..

Okay I have no problem with MVK discussion because it does not pose any type of threat to Uvora. Though, is this forums a Uvora Forum or an MVK Forum?
Said the same Oatman who posted about Uvora on VFKForums..! I'm also loving how Mickeybeast was so quick to claim! He's going to need to purchase another vBulletin license.. OR he could forget all about Uvora and shut down UvoraForums.

Now, let's forget about MyVirtualKingdom.. What the heck happened to the Uvora homepage?

Temporarily Disabled
Before you read this message, please know that this is NOT the end of Uvora.

Uvora Members,
Insight of recent events we have decided that in the best interest of our project, we feel that it is best to with-hold all community activity from our game. Uvora was not intended to be announced during the pre alpha stages of the game's development.

Seems like Oatman is trying to walk back on his mistake to ever publicly announce Uvora before he ever got to even developing it! Now if only he could get rid of the forum and put his time into developing the game, rather then playing MVK or posting on the forums.. And just a side note, whose genius idea was it to force guests into registering for the forums to view the posts? Oh well, I guess that's less traffic from Google!

To indirectly quote Battery from Uvora Forums, is there even a point to Uvora? ..Now that MVK has come along and caught everyone's attention? Oatman this is your chance! Pull a fast one and blame MVK for the dismiss of Uvora!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oatman LOVES Wikipedia!

This post should be part of the "Oatman's funnies" post, but this is just too funny.. It deserves it's own post!

If you've ever google searched "Uvora" back in November, you might recall seeing the Uvora Wikipedia article.. Of course, that article was deleted since Uvora is considered insignificant.. BUT, Oatman kept trying to get the Uvora article back up.. Finally, the article was permanently deleted by the community voting against it.. Sawwe Oats!

Oatman's even added insignificant Uvora to the Wikipedia article on TCP and UDP ports..

I guess this is what Oatman meant by "breaking new ground" and "going where no game has gone before.."

Responses to the blog

I decided to be a prick and post the blog on the forums.. Here's some of the responses I got.

From Etta:
This made me laugh. Your timeline is screwed up. Nobody deleted anything. The "thought" of Uvora was developed in January. The website wasn't even released in September, so not sure how the October is possible. You completely twisted Jared's "claims." I could keep going on, but not wasting my time. I give you C- for effort .
What claims, Etta? You can't even point out a claim that was altered.. So, for wasting my time, I give you an "F" for 'ffort.

I also love how the thread is still open.. Oatman is probably just trying to get his "gotcha" moment.. You know, getting that one minor detail that might be somehow inaccurate.. Of course, with historical events, you know who, will probably try playing revisionist to get those details in his favor..

Lord Jared has yet to respond..

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sources of "inspiration" in Uvora's "art"

The pictures speak for themselves..Yes, I used unnecessary shadows à la Etta.

1. From "Town Square"..

2. From "Main Street"..

3. From "Epcot Guest Room"..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oatman's latest walk test

I always wondered why Oatman heavily guards his SWF files from being decompiled. In his last walk test file, he used SecureSWF ( to obfuscate his actionscript.. It's not like anyone wanted to steal his "work." Though, I did decompile his SWF just out of curiosity (no, you can't sue me for that Oats) and I found out that he's using a demo version of SecureSWF.. I thought the demo version placed a visible watermark on the final SWF? I wonder where it went..? It's also important to note that the demo only lasts 30 days, so how was Oatman using a demo version for four months?

Correction: You can view the watermark by right clicking and pressing "Forward" until disabled, and then pressing "Rewind."

I also love how Oatman got a free SSL certificate from Comodo, you know the ones that are 2048-bit ready? Yep, that's the reason why Oatman's server is so secure.. He uses a free SSL certificate! Oh, that and CloudFlare Free!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oatman's funnies

1. Oatman claimed that Uvora is able to detect if your computer has viruses.

2. Oatman claims that he has a law firm working for him to ensure that his game is "legal." Yes, the same Oatman who believed that remaking VMK was legal.

3. Oatman claims that his game's "system" has superior fraud detection that it can catch any "fraudulent activations." It's so smart that it's almost like an actual human is behind it.

4. Oatman loves to talk about how secure his game is.. He mentions it whenever he gets a chance to.. In a thread about staff positions, he found a way to sneak "2048bit encryption with a salted SHA512 encryption" into his post.

5. Oatman wants to sue the person who found out about You know, the person who found proof that there's probably no game!

6. Oatman claims that Uvora will break new grounds..
Times have changed, people's Internet is getting faster. Computers are becoming more powerful. The days of old single core CPU's and Integrated GPU's are almost over. Just about everyone these days are running hyperthreaded, multicored repossessors and GPUs. So why in the world would a game still live in the 20th century? Games need to progress not digress in the genre of speed and performance... [Uvora] does exactly what other games in the past have not, we take advantage of all the power your computer has to offer to give you the most astonishing, high detailed game.
 How? By borrowing ideas from Virtual Magic Kingdom? It sounds like Oatman is making an operating system..

7. Oatman claims that he got over 300 unique visitors within 10 minutes..

Uvora has been in the works since January 1st 2010 behind the scenes. The game was not announced to anyone until April 1st of 2010. When this date hit we launched what we call our "wEngine" which aired and to our amazement we filled a room up with over 300 unique visitors within 10 Minutes!
According to "inside sources," Uvora only had around thirty people take part in their initial "walk test." I wonder how the extra zero got added in..